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For candidates

After many years of successfully working for companies in selected industries, we have good contacts in personnel and recruitment within the area of logistics (freight forwarders, shipping companies and 4PL management), as well as supply chain management and IT.

Whether you are a college graduate just starting your career or a professional looking to change your area of scope or management, we will support you so that your search prospects for a new workplace environment, that is attractive in all respects, will be optimised. Our advice is targeted; we actively support you during the application process and we coach you regarding the job.

Your career partner - We work with and for people!

Facts & Skills is a German personnel consultancy with offices in Hamburg, Shanghai and Shenzhen. We specialise in logistics & supply chain management, trade & e-commerce, technology & engineering, as well as IT. Our employees have very specific know-how.
In most cases as academic experts or because they have work experience in these fields. You will have your personal Mentor, who will give you access to the advantages and expertise of all Facts & Skills employees. Which are:



the confidential handling of your documents is guaranteed
long-term contact
   (e.g., if the first position is inadequate, we will contact you specifically, with a new
   vacancy which is suitable for you)
no costs arise for you
direct placement
   (no employee assignment)